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Album “Born To Win”

Album “Born To Win”

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Riga Director Uncovers the Mystery of Moving Heroes’ Second Album

During their concert on Moscow’s City Day the band Moving Heroes met a director from Riga.

Ivar Litsis was one of the first to hear the band’s new album and shared his impressions with us.

This is what Ivar Litsis told us:

For me my meeting with Moving Heroes was one of those rare moments in which I discovered good new music. We met by accident after City Day concert in Moscow where they performed. I’m from Riga and they’re from Hamburg, and we met in the very heart of Russia.

Moving Heroes are beautiful girls with the character of warriors. But they’re beauty is quite unusual. There’s a sort of strength in it. They’re not just the sort of tall and thin women I see every day in the world of glamour – they have rock charisma. It’s an interesting approach to combine the details of such different styles as rock and pop: leather jackets, huge chains, crosses and neon-pink accessories.

Elan and Jenier have their own look, and it’s natural, not them taking someone else’s pointers, and that makes me respect them all the more.

But most importantly – the girls write their own songs independently. To be precise, Jenier writes the music and their lyrics in English.

The famous Dieter Bohlen continues to work with them as the band’s executive producer. And that’s despite all the talk about Mr. Bohlen’s lousy temper, which supposedly has made it impossible for anyone to work with him from fear of his scathing criticism.

Moving Heroes denied this right away, “Dieter is kind, fair and doesn’t forgive betrayal!”

And you know what? I really have the impression now that these young musicians and the star of Modern Talking are brought together by some human qualities, shared views and ideals.

Moving Heroes’ second album Born to Win will be released on November 23, 2009. They ended up letting me hear a few songs from the disc in secret.

Moving Heroes have remained true to themselves – all of the compositions are stylistically very different, but one thing has remained unchanged: the beautiful melodies and intellectually dense lyrics. Add to this sensual synths, cracking rhythms and piercing vocals.

In their songs the girls talk about the struggle with those who get in the way of their dreams: “You should try to make your dreams a reality, regardless of what they are – true love or overcoming obstacles in life.”

Songs like “Crazy” and “Life is Hard” will become an important support for everyone who is in an emotional crisis. These songs provide a feeling of liberation.

I won’t reveal all the mysteries but I can’t not note such compositions as “Country of the Sun”  and “You Will Always Be Here.”

The first of them should probably become the band’s next single. The song is beautifully arranged, you can’t get enough of it and it remains melodic and refined. It sounds magical.

The second song that really impressed me is “You Will Always Be Here.” It’s a ballad and I think it will remain one of the best songs on the album and a classic for Moving Heroes in the future.

As a whole the album Born to Win came out dynamic and profound, high-quality and many-layered. And I see that these musicians are sincere and honest with their fans and in their art.