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Album “Born To Win”

Album “Born To Win”

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The New Moving Heroes Video is a Journey into a Futuristic World

Shooting is complete for the video of Moving Heroes’ new single “Crazy.” It was shot by the young and talented director Egor Lymarev, who was able to bring the Zeitgest and vibrant images to the screen.

Here we’ll not only see a set of lovely frames, but the presence of a storyline. Moving Heroes continue to develop their idea of movement and struggle. They are determined and beautiful. Like computer game characters, they have embarked on a mission and are striving towards an important goal.

The story takes place in a futuristic world. An artifact is enchained in this world and our heroes, making their way through a labyrinth and forcefields, break the chains and free a spirit that has been trying to make into outer space with all its energy and might. And somewhere in the sky a new star is lit…

The most mysterious character in this story is the superior cosmic being. What is it – friend or foe? All along it follows the other characters and it is only in the end that this becomes clear.

Moving Heroes have the following to say about the song “Crazy”:

“This song is about us – those crazy people who believe in a dream and move forward, regardless of any difficulties, problems and lack of understanding. We are no different from other people and we believe that only through perseverance can we attain the results we desire.”


Look for the premiere of “Crazy” on music channels.