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Album “Born To Win”

Album “Born To Win”

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Who is who in “Moving Heroes” band?



What is your Zodiac?

Pisces, March 10, 1986

Leo, August 11, 1986

How did you two meet?

We are cousins

So we know each other from childhood.

Where do you live?


The last seven years we have been living in Hamburg.

How long have you been doing music?

I sing from age 3

That is why I had to start piano lessons at the age of 6...

When did you compose your first song?

It was never necessary...

At the age of 11, it was called, The Heartbeat.

When did you first perform?

At the age of 13 – that was our concert of 10 songs, in a school club.

There were near 100 listeners, and we were very nervous. But everything went well.

Were there other names of your band?


That meant, No. 1. I rather believe that our current name is not as bold...

Have you been singing in English back then?

Once we participated in a children’s contest and submitted 2 of our songs to a preliminary review. The jury accepted the one in English.

After our performance one of the jury came up to us and invited to his studio. That was our first studio and it was super-cool! Since then, we record everything in English.

What was the first Album you ever bought?

Rainbow and Modern Talking

And Michael Jackson. Actually, we went to the store together!

Name one hit you like?

One Republic - Apologize

Enrique Iglesias - Tired of being sorry

Your favorite musicians?

Considering that our executive producer is Dieter Bohlen, I cannot bypass him and his Modern Talking.

I would add: Michael Jackson – back then, Britney Spears – back then, Take That – now, Robby Williams – always, Enrique Iglesias – always, Rihanna – sometimes, and Queen – forever!


All newcomers are being immediately compared to someone. Kylie Minogue is compared to Madonna, Shakira is compared to Britney Spears, Mika is compared to Freddy Mercury ... And you are compared to Modern Talking – how do you like that?

We are surprised! If Dieter Bohlen worked on the project, people are just expecting similarities, because in their minds, him and Modern Talking – are inseparable. This is just a stereotype, and this is how it works.But we are not being compared to anyone else though.

It is flattering, when you are being compared with such a great band, and their fans like your music and listen to it. But we have never made it our goal. In any case, our sound is very different, and that’s good!

What is your originality?

Probably our concept is way too serious for pop music; ours are not just light romantic love songs, but songs of fighting and achieving goals, with a somewhat mysterious spirit, emotion and strain.

My songs and Elan’s original deep voice together give a recognizable sound. Drive and emotions are the important things, since we are the Heroes, and good melodies, of course.

How did you meet Dieter Bohlen?

Usually, to make a quality recording, musicians go to a music publisher. The publisher evaluates the demos and sends inquiries to various recording studios. We have approached one such company in Hamburg, which sent our songs to three different recording studios there. From the studio which was the farthest we have received the warmest response and so we went there, caring non about the price of gasoline or potential traffic jams.

Later on we found out that is was the studio where Dieter Bohlen worked. Once he heard our songs, and we met, and he became our sound producer. And, he is the best well tell you! In the process of work, we have added some melodic pop to our melodic rock – thanks to him – and we got a melodic pop-rock.

What do Moving Heroes mean?

It means not to stay on one place and always strive for something new.

Our favorite movies are the action thrillers, where in the end the good guys beat the bad ones.

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