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Album “Born To Win”

Album “Born To Win”

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Our studio team

Moving Heroes were born in 2007 with the Album “Golden Times”.
Moving Heroes are Elan Alden lead singer and Jenier Belous the author of all songs and the second voice of the band as well. They live in Hamburg.

All Moving Heroes’ songs were recorded in Hamburg by the Dieter Bohlen’s team at German Music Production and Jeopark-Studio.

These well known names are proudly displayed at a fair amount of lines in the German Top 100 and other European charts.

Jeo, the soundman, is awarded with multiple golden and platinum records for his talented contribution in such projects as Modern Talking, Melanie C, Ace of Base, DSDS ('Deutschland sucht den Superstar'), 'Monrose', Kim Wild, Sarah Brightman, Falco and many others.

It was Jeo who mixed all tracks for the Moving Heroes albums.

Billy King, an American by origin and the President of German Music Production, has worked with such famous artists as Modern Talking, Sarah Connor, Yvonne Catterfeld, No Angels, Tokio Hotel, as well as the German Idol - DSDS, where, by the way, Dieter Bohlen is in the panel for the fifth season in a row.

All German stars striving for worldwide reputation take into account importance of good English pronunciation for their music. And for them, being a native American in Germany, Billy is an irreplaceable person as a consultant, for Moving Heroes either.

Billy was such a consultant for all “Golden Times” tracks as well as one of the voices in easy recognizable Bohlen-style choir.
Dieter Bohlen is one of the most successful European producers awarded with about 400 golden and platinum records.

His musical taste, his experience of over 30 years in music business helped countless artists and albums to become big success.