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Album “Born To Win”

Album “Born To Win”

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Band`s history

Moving Heroes is a pop rock group based in Hamburg. Dieter Bohlen is the band's executive producer and his team participated in the recording of their songs. Their debut album Golden Times went Gold in Russia.

The story of Moving Heroes goes all the way back to 1998, when cousins Elan and Jenier were 12 years old and decided to start a band. As teenagers they would play during school events and at parties, mostly their own songs with some rare covers.

Jenier began writing songs aged 11 and they formed the basis of their repertoire. While playing in different clubs and earning money for the first time the group went by the name of Number One.

Once, while participating in a music contest, the band received an invitation from one of the jury members to record a couple of their songs in a professional studio.

From this moment the band began trying to find their own style and recognizable sound. Since the age of 15 and to the present, working in any studio, Elan and Jenier have always participated directly in mixing all their songs.

Some time later they found their way into one of the best studios in Hamburg (Jeo Park Studio), where they began working on their first album together with German Music Production.

It was then that they met Dieter Bohlen, who, realizing the band's artistic potential and self-sufficiency, began working with them as executive producer. This was the first time that Dieter Bohlen had ever worked with musicians without being himself one of the songwriters. All the songs on every album are written by Jenier. In 2006 the group changed its name to Moving Heroes. The idea came after listening to the legendary song of Queen - "The Show Must Go On".

Their debut album Golden Times was released on June 1st, 2007, and went on to become Gold. Two songs from the album - "You are my Angel and my Devil" and "Not Good Enough" were released as singles.

These releases were followed by many concerts and appearances at large music festivals. In October of 2008, Moving Heroes signed a record deal with SonyBMG. Soon thereafter the label was restructured into Sony Music Entertainment. The change in CEO and top management led to a delay in the release of the band's next album.

Born to Win, their second studio album, was released on November 23rd, 2009, and went Gold as well. The single "Crazy" from that album remains the group's biggest hit. The song "Life is Hard" was also released as a single.

In 2010 the DVD Moving Heroes Presents is released.

As of 2010 the group tours widely.

On October 27th, 2011, Moving Heroes played a large, successful, one-off show at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg. Their collaboration with Dieter Bohlen went on to make concert history: after a ten-year absence he performed onstage in a solo concert together with Moving Heroes.

On October 17th, 2012, they played live together at the Oktyabrsky Grand Concert Hall in St. Petersburg in a show that lasted over two hours.
In 2011 the single "Angel's Dream" was released.

The group continued to work on their third album and in 2012 they released the single "Danger! Angel..." which contains a book of photographs and the new song "Dangerous and Real."

In 2013 the DVD Concert at Ice Palace Arena. Live was released.

In June of 2013, on the band's birthday, their fans presented Elan and Jenier with an unusual gift: a real star in outer space in the Orion constellation that is now named Moving Heroes.

4 April 2014 has released a new Single called "Shadow".