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Album “Born To Win”

Album “Born To Win”

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About album "Golden Times"

First Album "Golden Times"
Includes 11 music tracks, a booklet with all lyrics and a bonus: video from
You Are My Angel And My Devil

1. You Are My Angel And My Devil 3.24Album "Golden Times"
2. 1000 Years 3.49
3. Happy Birthday 4.13
4. Low-down World 3.11
5. Not Good Enough 5.19
6. New Land 3.42
7. Golden Times 3.42
8. Love and Magic 3.46
9. You Are My Angel And My Devil extended Version 5.16
10. 1000 Years extended Version 5.11
11. Low-down World extended Version 4.25
BONUS: You Are My Angel And My Devil VIDEOCLIP

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The album was made with participation of: 

Executive Producer: Dieter Bohlen
Music and Lyrics by Jenier Belous


Mixed by Jeo@Jeopark

Arranged by Dimm Oukh,
Jenier Belous,


Choir by Billy King,
Christoph Leis-Bendorff,
Jenier Belous, Elan Alden

Vocals arranged and recorded by
Billy King
at German Music Production


All guitars by
Alex Karnischoff


... and the Moving Heroes
played a major role in the
music production process,



in the studio all the time.


that is why they were