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Album “Born To Win”

Album “Born To Win”

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Glam Pop Band Moving Heroes – is a real tuneful German pop-music.

This is a devil's mixture of dancing rhythm, drive and energy, seasoned with mysterious content.

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The Moving Heroes are Elan Alden – recognizable lead voice and Jenier Belous singing companion, who is the author of all music and lyrics as well.

The first album "Golden Times" reached the greatest success and became "golden". It gave opportunity to sign a contract with the label Sony Music.

Legendary Dieter Bohlen has been the executive producer of the band during all this period. All the tracks of Moving Heroes were recorded in his studio in Hamburg.

A few tracks were recorded in Los Angeles and produced by the famous producer Keith Olsen (Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne, Europe).

At the moment, recording the third album one more relative and inspirational soul mate was met. It's the talented composer and the famous producer Victor Drobysh. Victor played the great role in possibility to present the English music of the band in Russia.

Moving Heroes performed all over the world and were very welcome at the overcrowded stadiums. They have fans all over the world.

Here you can read the interview about the group’s history and more…>>>>

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