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Album “Born To Win”

Album “Born To Win”

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Moving Heroes Shoot New Video German-Style

No expensive cars and no sea of champagne here! Life is hard. Militant outfits, real fans and an endless rock concert! That’s precisely what Moving Heroes’ new video for the song “Life is Hard” is like.

“In our native Germany it’s no longer the fashion to shoot expensive videos – just remember the video for the Eurovision winner from Germany, Lena. This is happening first and foremost because it’s not profitable, seeing as how record sales decrease year by year and European show business lives on self-sustainability,” comment the musicians of Moving Heroes.

Indeed, life is hard, and that’s the name of the song. The video successfully carries through the main leitmotif that life is a struggle and that nothing comes easy. It turned out unusually dynamic and dense, and the sea of hands by the stage creates the indescribable atmosphere of a group of people captivated by a single idea.

“There’s nothing more important for a musician than the support he feels from the audience during a concert. This is what we wanted to underline in the video and it’s great!” Elan tells us.

The video shoot took place at Zal Ozhidaniya (Waiting Room), one of the most prestigious concert halls in St. Petersburg. Pretty much the whole day was turned into an endless concert. By the way, the crowd in the video is made up of real fans who played themselves, essentially. You must agree that no group of extras could express such a love for this music and these musicians so sincerely.

There’s one more important detail that’s very important and turns the video into a sort of show. Unique outfits that underline the militant character of these Heroes were made to suit the video’s storyline.

The author of these outfits for Moving Heroes is the famous Russian fashion designer Leonid Alexeev, recipient of GQ’s Designer of the Year award in 2009. Elan and Jenier also personally participated in the design. The result is a combination of styles, something between Kiss and Lady Gaga. The outfits came out so well that they were included in the international fashion show Aurora Fashion Week.

The song “Life is Hard” is the second single from Moving Heroes’ second (!) album Born to Win, which was released by Sony Music.