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Album “Born To Win”

Album “Born To Win”

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Kostantin Cherepkov Directs the New Moving Heroes Video

“Moving Heroes fall into the genre of glam-pop-rock,” comments the famous music video director Konstantin Cherepkov, "and I immediately felt the direction in which we needed to move for their new song “Angel’s Dream”: the supernatural world of Twilight and gothic angels, a mysterious story told in the dark…”

At first glance it’s just a lively photo shoot with lovely contrasting images transformed one way or another, but the video draws us in with its internal inscrutability and for some reason we are left wanting to watch it again and again.

This is a video for people with refined taste, of a European or even English bent. It comes across subtly and moderately, practically forcing the audience to perceive it all on the unconscious level.

The story is told through light – at the beginning everything takes place against a dark background, demonically red and mysteriously blue, until finally, in the middle of the song, there is a breakthrough: against a blindingly white background an angel spreads its wings! Here lies the video’s concept: Black and White worlds, interaction, different sides of one and the same thing.

This is a wonderful, crystal-clear song is about eternal love and about an angel that cherishes that love at the cost of its own life. This song will touch the heart of every true romantic. The song “Angel’s Dream” brilliantly fused itself with the director’s concept for the video.

The computer graphics, made in Los Angeles, deserve a separate mention.

The video’s premiere took place a few days ago on Видео and on the channel Bridge.TV.

“Angel’s Dream” is the first single of the band’s third (!) album. Work on the album is being done in a studio in Hamburg under the direction of the famous musician and master Dieter Bohlen, Moving Heroes’ producer.