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Album “Born To Win”

Album “Born To Win”

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Moving Heroes “Brought Down” the Petersburg Ice Palace

The German glam-pop group Moving Heroes gave a headlining concert in St. Petersburg

This event took place on October 27th at the Ice Palace. The group’s first large concert in Russia presented the audience with a wide variety of surprises.

Through the wave of kilowatts of sound, guitar fuzz, heavy percussion, shrill keys and extreme vocals it was difficult at first to make out the main participants of the event, Moving Heroes’ Elan and Jenier.

It was even more difficult to combine the visual aspect of the performance with the group’s completely unexpected live sound. Few could have guessed that Dieter Bohlen’s pupils, famous above all for their traditional pop songs, would deliver such a serious dose of authentic hard rock. However, Moving Heroes and their live band demonstrated absolute European professionalism, which pleased an audience not used to such a high-quality performance, which is something that not many contemporary pop musicians can boast of.

Their two-hour setlist saw them brilliantly combine the best songs from their albums, a few new ones and a rather interesting selection of hit covers. Alongside the sing-along “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul”, famous to Moving Heroes fans, the audience also heard an acoustic version of a song by the King of Pop Michael Jackson and a wonderful instrumental version of Blue System’s “My Bed Is Too Big.”

Also, the girls continued their tradition of conversing with the crowd, changing into several outfits, introducing the musicians and, of course, showing their appreciation for the many presents and flowers that rained down on them.