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Album “Born To Win”

Album “Born To Win”

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Thanks to Moving Heroes Dieter Bohlen Will Take the Stage Once Again

Dieter Bohlen and the band Moving Heroes will be performing together in St. Petersburg on October 17th.

The show, which will last over two hours, promises many surprises, but the main event lies in the fact that the legendary founder of Modern Talking will appear onstage for the first time in many years as a singer with a full solo setlist. The other participant of this great concert will be the band Moving Heroes, with whom Dieter Bohlen works as record producer.

This young group has already accumulated a great deal of experience performing live and one is tempted to think that they were the ones who instilled their mentor with nostalgia and the desire to feel himself a musician once more. For although it’s widely known that Dieter Bohlen has been the head of the jury on the Germany is Searching for a Superstar TV show for the last ten years and is its most famous producer, he never performs himself. He is highly valued in Germany and people refer to him as a Pop-Titan.

“The preparations we’re making with Dieter for the concert are well underway,” say Elan and Jenier of Moving Heroes. “ Dieter’s setlist, which is made up of a great many Blue System songs, is the foundation of the whole show. We, of course, really want to put our pedal to the metal in good pop-rock fashion with our songs, but since it’s not just our show we’ll have to tone it down.  During rehearsal with his band Dieter advocates for a classical approach, without wailing guitars… But both Dieter and ourselves have every intention of firing it up on stage!”

The Dieter Bohlen and Moving Heroes concert will be held in St. Petersburg’s Oktyabrsky Grand Concert Hall on October 17th at 8 PM.