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Album “Born To Win”

Album “Born To Win”

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Moving Heroes Advertise Indian Motorcycles

There it is - the pride of the New World, the first motorcycle in America: the legendary Indian brand, founded long ago in 1901.

The famous photographer Andre Heide set up his wigwam in the Daddy's Garage bike salon in St. Petersburg, where an unusual photo shoot took place with the participation of the band Moving Heroes.

This unique shop/salon is the only dealer of Indian motorcycles in Russia, and it is only here that you can find so many different models, from retro to brand-new designs, which enchant with their power and irreproachable beauty.

Elan and Jenier were in complete awe as the shoot was being set up - they couldn't tear themselves away from such cool motorcycles. As it turned out, Jenier is a big fan of riding down the highway, something that began when she was 14, on her father's first motorcycle... It was the photographer's vision that Moving Heroes should become real Indians and, armed with tomahawks, saddle their ideal iron steeds by the name of Indian.

The salon's interior had been designed in an ethnically American style, which matched the photo shoot's concept perfectly. The wardrobe provided for the project was a rarity: genuine Indian clothes from 1908 brought over from the American Ethnographic Museum.

A year and a half ago, Andrew Heide started his “Stars in Russia” project, the aim of which is to shoot exclusive material in Russia that embodies his ideas as a photographer and shows famous Russian or foreign musicians, artists, actors and athletes in a new light.

Once enough material has been assembled, a large photography exposition will be held and a photo album of this master’s work will be released, which will contain the creative photographs of these Indians.