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Album “Born To Win”

Album “Born To Win”

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Great Live Show “Dieter Bohlen & Moving Heroes”!








Great Live Show “Dieter Bohlen & Moving Heroes” is hitting the stage at the St. Petersburg’s BKZ!

Amazing crowd in a full house.










Moving Heroes performed their new singles and hits drawn from their two album arsenal.

It’s been 12 years, and Dieter Bohlen on it’s way back to St. Petersburg! Unbelievable, he played again his Blue System’s hits and sang some Modern Talking’s hits himself!

Even more the hits TV Makes the superstar, Brother Louie and You’re my heart, you’re my soul Dieter Bohlen and Moving Heroes performed together.

Check out the concert set list and be surprised if you are not been there.

1. You are my angel and my devil
2. Andy
3. Dangerous & real
4. Country of the sun
5. Low down World
6. Live is hard (rock)
7. Acoustic Set - I don`t wanna miss a thing
8. Love and magic
9. Alien
10. Crazy

11. Win the race
12. My bed is too big
13. Magic Symphony
14. Juliet
15. History
16. Love me on the rocks
17. Midnight Lady
18. Gasoline
19. 6 years, 6 nights
20. Deja vu
21. Under my skin
22. TV makes the superstar
23. Brother Louie
24. You’re my heart you’re my soul
25. Geronimo’s Cadillac
26. Atlantis is calling
27. Modern Talking Medley