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Album “Born To Win”

Album “Born To Win”

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There is a new star in the sky and its name is Moving Heroes.

Moving Heroes is the actual name of a real star in space, and it was given that name as a present to the band on its birthday by its fans!

This was carried out by the Moving Heroes Fan Club over several months and it was during one of their concerts that the musicians finally received this romantic gift.

"It's a star in the Orion constellation," fans explain. "It's a star of the seventh magnitude, which is quite large, and on a clear night in their hometown of Hamburg Elan and Jenier will be able to see it. Its name in the International Catalogue of Heavenly Bodies is Moving Heroes."

There's no doubt that the musicians were delighted and they promised to return the favor to their fans by providing them with new hit songs in the near future.

The Moving Heroes star can be found at the following coordinates: 05h45m25.46s +06A17’52.4”.