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Album “Born To Win”

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Moving Heroes Celebrate Their Birthday With a Solo Concert

The German glam-pop-rock group played a one-off show at the Cosmonaut club in St. Petersburg in honor of their birthday.

It must be said that Moving Heroes have in a way made their fans grow accustomed to them playing only large-scale shows. Recall, for example, their incredible concert in St. Petersburg’s Ice Palace or their co-headlining performance with the legendary Dieter Bohlen at the Oktyabrsky Grand Concert Hall last year.

By the way, the birthday concert’s timing was not a matter of chance. It was exactly six years ago that Moving Heroes’ debut album Golden Times was released. The first single from that album was the opener of a nearly two-hour performance. As the famous James Brown preached, in each performance one should give the audience more than they expected when they bought their ticket. This time, that surprise was a cover of the famous Depeche Mode’s song “Personal Jesus”. In Moving Heroes’ interpretation, the call to “Reach out and touch faith” sounded unexpectedly heavy and powerful and truly became one of the show’s standout moments. It’s worth mentioning that on the whole Moving Heroes’ sound this time around differed in its gravitation towards heavy rock. On the one hand this was in line with the club’s traditional fare, and on the other became an interesting experiment that was enthusiastically received by the crowd.

Having played several songs during the encore, the musicians readily interacted with their fans by stepping into the audience. The most persistent attendees were able to receive autographs, have their picture taken with Moving Heroes and personally wish the heroes of the day a happy birthday.

Judging by the amount of energy that the girls demonstrated for their audience, the band is not about to rest on their laurels, which means that festivities of this sort will rally up crowds on many more occasions to come.