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Альбом “Born To Win”

Album “Born To Win”

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Shadow - Lyrics


Single "Shadow"



On and on
Heroes can’t stop to feel
On and on
Heroes can’t change the dreams….

Roses, good blades and love –
What is in your fantasy,
oh no…
You gotta love the roads
Loving to the ecstasy,
I know.

There’s a fire in your veins,
This fire’s burning very rough

You are a slave of your romance,
So you can’t stop, can’t get enough

I will catch your shadow
I catch the moments
I will love you - on and on
living my life without you

I need your shadow
I need – forever
You’re inside me – on and on
when I’m living my life without you

You loved with all your heart
You believed in everlasting love

You’ve flown straight to the stars
It’s your life, it is your biggest goal

Feel the fire in my veins -
You’ve learnt to make the dreams come true

So thousand times you won the race
And now I’ll ride it like you do