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Альбом “Born To Win”

Album “Born To Win”

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Born To Win - Lyrics

"Born To Win"

Album "Born To Win"



Gimme more, all your smiles and magic
Gimme more, you are so magnetic.
Gimme more, oh, you drive me crazy
Gimme more, will your charms erase me?

Gimme more, gimme more than ever,
Gimme more, take me straight to heaven.
In this world just you to me
You are more, than a sacred dream.

You will say: All right, all right, all right
if you’ll win tonight, tonight, tonight.
You and me will fight
and will pretend
Being crazy till the end

When you are alone
you cry, you cry.
I can see the tears
behind your smile.
There’s one thing we have to understand
Crazy we’ll be till the end.

Oh-oh, the world where’s you and me
Oh-oh, that world’s a crazy deal
Oh-oh, oh, really can’t you see
Oh-oh, we make it crazy, you and me

Gimme more, both your joy and sorrow,
Gimme more, both now and tomorrow
Gimme more, I’m your truth and conscience,
Gimme more, even if it’s nonsense

Gimme more, you’re my king from heaven,
Gimme more, let it be forever.
Gimme more, ‘course you to me
You are more than a crazy dream.

Country of the sun

I know that magic’s
Just heaven sent
This way is yours and mine
Can you feel the same
Life, it could be fine

And we are
In the country of the sun
Love is not for sorrow
Love is not for fun
Believe that it’s all in your heart

You are my crazy world
And your blue eyes lead me to paradise
I know – it’s forever


My heart will burn again
Just think of you
I need the way you smile
An angel changed my life
And made it really wild


Life is hard

Don’t you wait
Don’t you wish
good satisfaction
when you catch your dream?

Then your heart is enflamed
Your mind is crazy –
That’s a fortune’s wheel.

And life will turn
this fortune’s wheel
And you will lose
your dream, your dream.

Life is hard, it’s life
Oh, oh, oh, oh,
Life is hard, it’s life
Oh, oh, oh, oh,
Life is hard, it’s life
Oh, oh, oh, oh,
I need it to be fine.

Life is hard, it’s life
It’s hard, it’s life.
Life is hard as life,
It’s life, it’s life.

Don’t you know,
Don’t you feel
the disappointment
When you lose the ground?

You can meet thousand fools
Who make you feel it.
Life can’t stop right now.

Life will amaze
at every wheel -
you’ll catch again
your dream, your dream.

Promise tonight

It’s an old love story that we’re living for.
I love you, I miss you so…

The way we go was written in heaven
I do believe the fate is strong.

One day you’ve lost your heart forever
You lose your heart and find your love.

I’m scared to feel it, I’m so afraid to love you.
But can I stop it just when I see your eyes?

This love will kill me if love is an illusion
Or love will bring you, will bring you paradise

Promise tonight
And I promise you
to hold you and stay
And you won’t be lonely

Promise tonight
If you need me too
Oh, if it’s the first true love
Will it be the only?

Oh, love’s a game that lasts forever
It never dies, it never stops.

Some special souls were made in heaven
It’s in their blood to fall in love.

I have no reason to learn to live without you.
I have no answer why do I trust your eyes.

This love will kill me if love’s just an illusion
Or love will take you and show you paradise


Tell me No, set me free,
If you’re alone – let it be
I imagine love is forever…forever…

My home will be your home,
And my friends will be your friends.
I won’t keep no secrets
I won’t change what I have said

Oh, Andy, I love you
Love is a dream
From hell to heaven

And I love you
You’re what you feel
And you are young – forever

We are flying over the ocean
Two slaves to the only emotion…
And I know, your sorrow is over
Just when you tell me – I love you

Wasting time, wasting sand
Oh, if I could understand,
What’s hurting you
Please, believe me, believe me…

Come here I will hold you,
And then you won’t be lonely
Your life will be my life,
if you gave your heart to me.



Why do I have all these memories?
You smiled at me last night.

I was so lost in my fantasy,
was blinded just by your light.

Oh, I believed in you and me
And I believed in destiny

Don’t run away
Don’t stop the dream
Don’t be so lonely

Don’t run away
You won’t be free
Don’t lose the only
Who needed you, who loved you,
Oh, please, don’t run away

Why do I love all these memories?
Why did it ever start?

You’ll make an end to this history
And maybe you’ll break my heart

Oh, do you feel that you and me
Oh, we were born for memories

Don’t run away
Don’t stop the dream
Don’t be so lonely

Don’t run away
Please, stop and see
This life’s the only
Don’t lose me, please, just hold me
And don’t, don’t run away

Run to the light

Fall, fall in love again,
Feel the magic of the sunrise -
It’s your time, if you lost your way,
Just your future will bring you a better day.

Run to the light
And wind will hold you.
Can’t you see -
This way leads to dawn.

Run to the light
And time will show you –
You’re not alone.

No more - broken hearts,
No more – sacrifice.
Let the breath of love
Warm your lonely eyes.

Keep, keep your sacred awe
When a sunset makes you lovers
It’s your world –
and kiss will touch your cheeks
Oh, it’s crazy to hide feelings that are deep

Love me and we’ll fly, will fly to heaven
On blue clouds we’ll sleep in the bed of an angel
I will watch your dreams, we will be fine tonight
And two hearts beat as one

Mystic Myth

You should not be a dreamer
You should not to start to dream
Sometimes that makes a hero,
But it hurts to the extreme.

I know,
If the heart is on fire,
If the way is whole romance,
Whenever I will fall,
Oh, I’ll be back to take the chance.

All my life is mystic myth
All is turning like in night-dance
Future is a mystery
Will it be my voice in silence?

I’m not a loser tonight
But I am not yet a winner
And my dreams will not die -
It’s my life.

I should have been a dreamer
I was born to make a dream.
And so, so many people
Told me: “No, you’ll never win”

And you…
If you were at the top,
Oh, you should know that ecstasy –
You win and you’re a hero,
And your dream’s not fantasy.

You will always be here

Tonight, when you’re lonely
Tonight, when you’re staying alone
Maybe tonight you’ll see the only:
this big house has not been your home.

You will turn around and you’ll see blue eyes
They will be so deep
They will be so nice
You’ll feel the spell, spell of love in the midnight time,
Feel the flame in your heart
But what will take, take away all your sorrow now,
When you dream through the night

You’ll find your world
If you will love
You will always be here

I know this world,
world full of fantasy
And you’ll always be here

Tonight, when you’re lonely
Tonight, when you’re feeling blue
Maybe tonight you’ll need the only:
Need to say again “I love you”

Do you know the way
Leading through the night
Don’t you call it “love”
what you feel inside?

Let it be – you need love forever
Let it be – no sorrow tonight

You’ll find your world
If you will love
You will always be here

Not good enough

Do you really know the sounds of thirty cents,
If that`s all you have in this Wonderland?
Guess, what have I thought, looking in your eyes,
When you said to me, said it twice:

It`s not good enough - not good enough.
Voice is bad and gruff - not good enough.
What you want is tough - not good enough.
Really, it`s not good enough.

It`s not good enough - your dress, your face.
It`s not good enough - no time, no place.
It`s not good enough - I won`t agree,
It`s not good enough to me.

It`s not good enough - it`s forever so.
You can try again - you can try no more.
I`ll be very glad, if you leave me free
Only that is good, good enough to me.

Once I took a place that was always free.
And you told your friends: «They get down to me».
When we talked you were genial for a while,
Even said to me: «Keep your smile»