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Golden Times - Lyrics

"Golden Times"

Album "Golden Times"


You are my angel and my devil

I stay between heaven and hell – just love and hate.
But I believe we never choose our fate.

Destiny is such a killing sword: it`s all may be.
The odd irony connects you and me.
Why so, tell me?
Every day I hear time has gone in vain -
Oh, you can see.
You don`t know me, but we`re joined
By invisible odd threads.

Don`t tell me «Good Bye»
on the edge of the dark hell
You are my angel and my devil
Why not, it`s a game
I feel you`re not doubtful
Don`t say «No»-
you`re right no more than ever
I won`t break that distance
that is parting you and me.
Got my own way - you`ve got your way
Just I know - our destiny is strong.

I see you in this photograph you`re in paling lights,
All my heart`s in ice and flame - and they fight.
Why so, tell me?
I will not believe - will my dreams come true,
Why do people live?
On a lonely way we can`t meet,
I`ll forget and shall do it.

One thousand years

One thousand years have passed

Don`t remember, don`t try.
You are right, searching way`s to lie.
Why take trouble again,
trouble in vain your callous heart?
I have questions no more.
Fool, who knocks on your alluring door.
That`s a stranger inside. And he smiled,
Leaving me in the night, just forever.

One thousand years - I feel, I`ll survive.
One thousand years will leave me alive.
One thousand years will show, who is right -
What is really black, what is really white.

One thousand years in dangerous zone.
In thousand years you`ll tell me: «Go on!»
One thousand years will show me the rule -
Black is never white, fool is always fool.

I don`t try to explain –
It`s the fire against the rain.
I won`t pray you again,
Yeah, it`s in vain. I have my pride.
Nothing’s making me cry.
While I breathe - dreams will never die.
What is right, what is wrong?
But you want me to leave you alone,
just forever.

Happy birthday

When morning sun throws light on white snow
You’ll hear the voice that’s telling you so:
“I wish you love, I wish you happiness”

I will not change my dream and my heart.
Love never stops if love ever starts.
I’m still the same, I’m like a child.

Oh, I wish you more, more and more,
than you ever had.
Time, time has always gone,
But it’s not the end.

I wish you happy birthday
From my heart
I wish you happy birthday
Be with God
I wish you happy birthday,
Going away,
I wish you happy birthday

I wish you happy birthday
Through my tears
I wish you happy birthday
For many years
I wish you happy birthday
When you’re happy –
I don’t need more,
And I wish you a lucky day

You’ll be the king – it’s your holiday
And everybody calls you, they say:
“I wish you love, I wish you happiness”

And when your friends all come to your home,
You’ll understand, how much you’re alone…
Friends will be friends, love will be love.

And I wish you more, more and more,
Than you ever had.
Time, time has always gone,
But it’s not the end.

Low-down World

The light wings of the last angel
Flashed away above this land.

Only love could break your heart,
But how to break the devils plan?

Are you scared of midnight heartaches,
When recalling a milestone?

But you pretend in a lonely world
You’re not alone.

Get your low-down world of the darkness
Dirty money, dirty heroes, dirty dream.
It’s a kingdom of all devils,
Set it free.

In the middle of hellfire,
How you make a new empire,
How, how, how…

Oh, you’re powerless against the cruel world,
The spoiled place.

Man of sorrow – that’s your name;
Oh, crying eyes and smiling face

Angels run to meet you now,
But will they reach you in the end?

And would you smile to love again
With no pretence?

Not good enough

Do you really know the sounds of thirty cents,
If that`s all you have in this Wonderland?
Guess, what have I thought, looking in your eyes,
When you said to me, said it twice:

It`s not good enough - not good enough.
Voice is bad and gruff - not good enough.
What you want is tough - not good enough.
Really, it`s not good enough.

It`s not good enough - your dress, your face.
It`s not good enough - no time, no place.
It`s not good enough - I won`t agree,
It`s not good enough to me.

It`s not good enough - it`s forever so.
You can try again - you can try no more.
I`ll be very glad, if you leave me free
Only that is good, good enough to me.

Once I took a place that was always free.
And you told your friends: «They get down to me».
When we talked you were genial for a while,
Even said to me: «Keep your smile»

New Land

Time is always time
Oh, for you and for me.
You will never lie
Only when you are 17.

Now it’s only that game
And whatever I’ll do -
You’re pretending to me,
I’m pretending to you.

And God will say to me -
You are wrong if you think ‘It’s over’
On the way to New-Land-World
If your heart is hot – show it’s cold

Pride is always pride
Oh, for you and for me.
That you never hide
Even when you’re not 17

You will tell me Good Bye,
I will answer the same.
Kings, they have no true friends
Fire can’t stop the rain

Golden times

He disliked the rules
While living in his home.
He would like to choose
The future he will own.

One can’t change the world
But he said: “I will”.
He left home, he thought:
“What’s crazy – that is real”

Don’t let me know, don’t let me feel,
Golden times just forever have gone.

Don’t let me know, it never will be,
In the end he’ll stay alone.

He forgot advice:
“Big money’s dirty thing”.
Now he thinks “It’s nice,
That fortune smiles on him

And his house is white,
But his heart is steel.
And he said tonight:
“What’s crazy – that’s not real”


Love and magic

The murderous sand,
The spell of that cruel land.
And your heart’s lonely,
And your heart’s in the trap.

Living in a stormy life
You were alone and tired.
You couldn’t see the magic ring
That voodoos you tonight.

There’s fate in your destiny -
Love and magic.
You thought – it was just your fault
In your endless misery,
But others bore that sin.

There’s fate in your destiny -
Love and magic.
Love and magic -
It’s your sacrifice.

Remember your songs.
You teased ‘them’oh, much too long.
And ‘they’ must break up
Heavens’ light in your tunes.
Maybe you could never mind,
Women hit plans and pride.
She took and used the magic ring
Oh that voodoos you tonight.