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Album “Born To Win”

Album “Born To Win”

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For the fans all around the world!
Here you can buy the Moving Heroes Albums in MP3 format
“Born to win” or “Golden Times”, singles "Dirty Dancing", "Shadow", "Dangerous and real", "Angel’s dream","Life is hard", "Crazy"!

       Album "Born To Win" Album  "Golden Times"

Moving Heroes "Dangerous and real"     Single "Life is hard" (Universal - Ukraine)  


Single "Dirty Dancing"


Release 29.04.2015




Single "Shadow"


Release 04.04.2014



"Dangerous and real"

Moving Heroes "Dangerous and real"

Price: EUR 0,95



Single "Angel’s dream"

Price: EUR 0,95



Single "Life is hard"
(Universal - Ukraine)

Single "Life is hard" (Universal - Ukraine)

Release 13.09.2010


Album "Born To Win"
(Universal - Ukraine)


Album "Born To Win" (Universal - Ukraine)


You're my heart, you're my soul

Release 20.09.2010


Album "Born To Win"
(Sony Music)


Альбом "Born To Win" (Sony Music)


Release 23.11.2009


Single "Crazy"



Release 01.08.2009


Album "Golden Times"


Album  "Golden Times"


Release 01.06.2007